Rob Ellis

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Rob EllisRob Ellis grew up in Maine and graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2009. After college, Rob worked as an Americorp VISTA in Portland, Maine helping low income homeowners winterize their homes. He was part of a statewide volunteer effort to educate and reinforce energy conservation steps that addressed basic air sealing and insulation, helping Mainers lower energy bills and improve comfort. Rob’s involvement in weatherization efforts quickly progressed to energy auditing, and he attained a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification.

In 2013, Rob joined the ReVision team in Liberty to help homeowners throughout the Midcoast and Central Maine region understand the potential of solar energy and the options available for their homes. Rob transitioned to our South Portland office in 2017 working with clients throughout southern Maine. 2020 will bring changes to Rob’s workload, pivoting to commercial properties and business owners.

When not working with potential solar champions, Rob enjoys the outdoors and swinging away on various home improvement projects. Rob heats his old, cozy house with a single Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump along with a few strip electric baseboard heaters. All hot water is heated from a Stiebel Eltron heat pump water heater located in the basement. The 4.27 kW solar electric array on the roof of his house offsets about 65%-70% of the annual electric bill.