Pilar Redmond

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

pilar redmond revision bio.pngPilar (she/her) was raised in Upstate New York, climbing trees, digging gardens, and skiing every weekend. When her family moved to Virginia near the end of high school, she couldn’t wait to return to the changing seasons, and made her way to UNH. She soon fell in love with NH, the mountains, trees, ocean, and lakes, and claimed it as her home. Her degree in English, soothed her love of books and writing, but she always felt a deep draw toward the land, and needed to get her hands dirty.

She returned to UNH for graduate school and pursued a master’s in environmental education. Over the years she pursued purposeful and rewarding work in environmental and farm-based education, helping youth connect with the land, their community, their food system, and each other, with hopes of creating the next generation of stewards.

Pilar had been running in the ReVision circles for years and finally came to realize that this is where she belongs, working every day to make this world a better place, to become part of the solution, and to help others do the same. She was especially drawn to ReVision’s mission and B-Corp status, because it is one thing to talk - it’s another thing completely to walk that talk every day, as ReVision does.

Pilar lives in Newmarket with her two super-cool girls, crazy rescue pups, happy hens, and one very loud cat. In her free time, you will find her up to her elbows in the garden, running through town, making jewelry, paddling the river, or hiking and camping with her girls – training them to be nature lovers like herself. She is passionate about local food, watching things grow, empowering girls, and rescuing too many animals.