Nate Hathaway

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Website Bio PicNate’s family got an early start in solar when his great-grandfather installed solar panels on his small off-grid home on Chesuncook Lake in Maine. He used these panels, as well as a small wind turbine, to charge a humble bank of marine batteries that powered his home. A lot has changed since the 1970s, but Nate is excited to be continuing his family’s solar legacy at ReVision Energy by helping homeowners transition to clean renewable energy.

Long before coming to ReVision, Nate was fortunate to grow up in Maine with an active family who spent much of their time together outside. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he was cultivating a close relationship with nature that would stay with him throughout his life. Nate went on to study Outdoor Leadership and Management at the University of New Hampshire while spending time exploring the White Mountains and competing in cross country plus indoor/outdoor track.

After receiving a B.S. and spending time across the country, Nate returned to Maine to work at the Chewonki Foundation; an environmentally focused education center in the beautiful Mid-Coast region. Here, he got to share with others his passion and excitement for being outdoors. When the winter season approached, he found himself finding work as a Hut Master (informally known as the “Hut Mustard”) at Maine Huts & Trails; a backcountry hut and trail system featuring four off-grid eco-lodges. Nate was captivated by the success of the huts’ state of the art renewable energy systems and realized the potential as well as the necessity of these technologies.

Ready to move on from seasonal work, Nate followed his newfound mission of reducing the building sector’s energy use and fossil fuel dependence by landing a job at Evergreen Home Performance in Portland. While at Evergreen, Nate helped homeowners lower their energy bills through offering energy audits as well as improving the air tightness and insulation of the building’s envelope. After several years of focusing on “Negawatts”, or the unit of energy not used as a result of conservation measures, Nate was happy to find a home with ReVision Energy where he could help his community produce kilowatts in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

When he’s not striving to save homeowners money on their utility bills, Nate can be found enjoying the outdoor places he wishes to protect with his family, friends, and dog named Koda.