Solar for Municipalities

Solar energy is a fantastic way for municipalities to lock in a reliable cost of electricity for decades while reducing your impact on the climate. ReVision Energy has been helping towns and cities in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar for over 15 years, and extend those benefits to our greater communities.

Access the full advantages of solar with Direct Pay. 

Towns, cities, and municipal entities can now take advantage of the federal tax credit through a new "direct payment" option, granting them a more viable path to ownership. "Direct pay" allows non-taxpaying entities to access the federal tax credit by receiving a government rebate for the 30 % federal solar tax credit value.

Bring savings to your entire community.

Solar offers significant electric cost savings and additional revenue from excess energy generation, through Net Metering and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Stay immune to rising utility costs.

Factoring in upfront cost, including operation and maintenance, solar provides towns and cities with the lowest average cost of energy per kWh over system life, an estimated 50%-75% lower than grid electricity.

Solar Financials

Innovative Financing Options: Depending on your project you may qualify for a 30% direct pay option through the IRA bill, or through a financing option for entities that cannot access upfront capital.

Net Metering and RECs: Solar offsets full retail electricity rates onsite, provides net metering revenue from excess or offsite generation; Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) sell for $30+/MWh.

Warranties: All systems include 5-year workmanship warranty, 15-25 year equipment warranties, and 25-year panel production warranty with ReVision Energy as the single point of contact.

Levelized Cost of Energy: Factoring in upfront cost and O&M, municipal solar provides lowest average cost of energy at 4-7 cents per kWh over system life – 50%-75% lower than grid electricity.

Net Savings/Revenue: Savings can total $500,000 to $5 million for most municipal systems over 40-year commercial life (depending on scale) when compared to utility cost projections.

Impact Investor Financing: Local, mission-driven impact investors cover system installation and full operations & maintenance throughout PPA term.

US Solar Trends

Client Highlight

In 2022, ReVision completed the third stage of South Portland's 4.3 MW solar array. It covers 63% of their municipal electric load, eliminating 4,100 metric tons of annual carbon emissions and saving taxpayers more than $20 million.