Matthew Schultz

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Work PicMatthew’s start in solar began years ago as a small project to bring solar to an off grid log cabin on an island used by his family. Motoring across a lake, alone, in a small overloaded boat of solar panels, wires, and other electronics, he questioned this “adventure” but found confidence a few days later when his batteries reached their capacity from a solar charge. Lights turned on, batteries for tools charged, and ice was made to cool his food and drink, all powered by the sun. Photovoltaic tech was so intriguing and satisfying to him, he hoped his dabbling in it would not end there. He highly enjoyed researching the tech for this solo self-install and after completion he was so impressed by its versatility, ability and efficiency—even in shade—it was clear this technology was absolutely game changing. Every home and business could, should, and hopefully will, have solar in the future!

Matthew’s spent all his life in Maine and currently resides in Belfast, just down the road from the Montville ReVision Energy office. Ever passionate about the outdoors and our planets incredible biodiversity, climate change became a major concern for him. The classic Maine winters have disappeared, droughts are common, species struggle and threats to wildlife multiply. Working for a company with the same concerns made total sense. ReVision pairs environmental activism with a business structure that enables clients to “be their own electricity supplier”. The homeowner saves money while at the same time saving the environment as well as the future of our planet.

A graduate of Thomas College in Waterville Maine, Matthew studied business and holds a degree in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship. In the past, Matthew worked in the banking industry serving small businesses and family’s in the midcoast, and established a strong background in finance.

At ReVision Energy, where he was first a solar installer and gained strong experience, he’s well-versed in all varieties of installations from small residential cottages to large commercial arrays. Now as a Solar Design Specialist he puts his in field experience and familiarity with solar to use working directly with clients to achieve their financial and environmental goals.