Maine Municipal Projects

ReVision Energy Municipal Solar Projects, ME

Selected RFP Awards by Cities & Towns

South Portland Landfill PPACity of South Portland


4.7 MW (2017 - 2022)


Town Of St. GeorgeTown of St. George

Transfer Station

67.5 (2018)


shapleigh salt and sand.jpgTown of Shapleigh

Salt & Sand Facility

68 kW (2017)


Town Of Camden PpaTown of Camden

Offsite PPA

122 kW (2018)


portland landfill solar project.jpgCity of Portland


954 kW (2018)

belfast public works solar project.jpgCity of Belfast

Public Works

883 kW (2018)


Eliot Landfill Courtesy Town Of EliotTown of Eliot


132.5 kW (2018)


Town Of CumberlandTown of Cumberland


462 kW (2019)


Town Of Mt Desert Drone EditTown of Mt. Desert

Town Garage

76.5 kW (2018)


Town Of Boothbay Solar MeTown of Boothbay

Public Works

111 kW (2013)