Lumin Smart Panel

Make your solar project even smarter with Lumin's Smart Panel.

lumin.pngHomeowners backing up their solar-powered home used to have to choose between isolating critical loads on a specific (and expensive) subpanel, or possibly facing larger battery costs by choosing to back up their whole house. Now, with the Lumin Smart Panel, there no longer is a binary choice - you can have it all!

By connecting the Lumin you can make a smart panel of your existing, ordinary electrical circuits. Lumin’s hardware/software system enables responsive load management that can adjust automatically to battery storage status, electricity pricing, and much more.

How the Lumin Smart Panel Works

The Lumin platform provides users with granular consumption data (real-time and historical) of up to 12 circuits within their home and allows users to control (turn on/off) these circuits remotely. By providing insights into your energy consumption and enabling control of your energy use, Lumin allows homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and to use energy more efficiently.

For the purposes of battery backup, what this allows you to do is to curb certain heavy-duty loads that risk blowing through your battery bank during a power outage... e.g. a hot tub or electric vehicle. By curbing these loads using Lumin platform, you can keep power flowing to the loads that are important to keep on during an outage (lights, fridge, furnace, etc.) without having to make big choices like "Support Circuit A and Circuit B" when you first install your battery system.

The Lumin platform (controlled by smartphone) allows you to control your use such that, in the event you have an abundance (e.g. the sun is shining and your solar PV system is capable of making lots of power, even though the grid is down) you can still activate those heavier loads and utilize your resource.

Lumin is a game-changer when it comes to backing up the solar home with batteries. Every home can become a smart home with Lumin!

Example Interface for Lumin Smart Panel: