Jeff Cantara

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Jeff CantaraA longtime Seacoast resident, Jeff Cantara loves basking in the warm glow of the Sun. After studying Natural Resources Management at the University of Vermont, he headed to the Pacific Northwest and then on to Alaska (decidedly cloudy environments) to work as a wildlife biologist and wildland firefighter.

After several years of wilderness exploration, soggy boots and monster mosquitoes, he returned to the Seacoast in 2001 and leased a small, threadbare farm. One thing led to another, and a passion for sustainable agriculture was born, eventually growing into a diversified organic farm located on 70 acres in the Great Bay watershed where Jeff resides in a solar-powered home which he heats with wood and a heat pump.

In 2014, a long-standing interest in appropriate technology and renewable energy was rekindled and Jeff shifted his focus from harvesting the energy of the Sun with plants and pasture to the use of cutting-edge solar technology. He feels particularly fortunate to have landed with ReVision Energy, a company that shares many of the ideals and values on which his farm was founded. Since 2018, Jeff has also been the Director of Groundswell Collaborative Farmspace, a 100% solar-powered incubator farm in Newmarket where he mentors new and young farmers in an environment where resources, knowledge, labor, and equipment are shared.

When he’s not harvesting garlic or helping folks to gather golden rays, you can find him surfing, foraging wild foods, scouting secret swimming holes, trail running, and generally getting up to mischief with his son and their dog, Rosie.