How Heat Pumps Work


How Heat Pumps Work

Let’s leave dirty fossil fuel heating in the past and look to a clean and renewable heating future with ductless Air Source Heat Pumps.

Heat Pumps convert outside air into heat or cooling using electricity, which ranges in price in our region up to 21 cents per kilowatt-hour, depending on your utility. That’s the equivalent of paying roughly $2.30/gallon of heating oil – an improvement versus the status quo for sure. Even better, when you combine that heat pump with the locked-in lower rates of solar electricity, that price comes down to 8 cents per kilowatt-hour or roughly $0.84/gallon of heating oil.

Watch our video to learn how Heat Pumps work:

ReVision installs Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps

Mitsubishi Electric’s dramatic improvements in the low-temperature performance of their extensive line of heat pump systems have brought about rapid adoption in the Northeast. The latest generation of heat pumps can provide heating to temps as low as -17 Fahrenheit, making them quite capable of handling most of the coldest days and nights in New England.

Installed heat pump examples:
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