Solar Case Study: Goldberg Properties

Goldberg Properties | Peabody, MA

Goldberg-Properties.pngBy the numbers:

System size:  180 kW
System output:  198,525 kWh/year
CO₂ reduction:  209,047 pounds/year

In 2017, Goldberg Properties, a private family owned and managed real estate investment company, installed a 180-kilowatt solar array atop their Peabody, Massachusetts location. Electricity generated by sunshine offsets much of this location’s electricity, and serves as a powerful tool to reduce carbon pollution and lock in energy costs, saving them thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Their solar array includes 600 Q CELLS solar panels, each rated at 305 watts. The panels are ballast-mounted upon their flat, EPDM rubber roof. Annually, the array will produce power equivalent to offsetting the carbon pollution of 16,625 gallons of gas or 362,122 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle.

Spanning three generations of the Goldberg family, Goldberg Properties has always taken pride in practicing ethical involvement within their community, and has built relationships with tenants and brokers alike. The principals of business that the family has followed since the 1930s now extended to their sustainability efforts: “At Goldberg Properties, we are investing today for tomorrow, to preserve our collective architectural history.”

The solar panels and the Ecolibrium EcoFoot2+ ballasted flat roof system are warrantied for 25 years, and the system is expected to have an operating life of about 40 years. Solar energy is a safe and reliable way for businesses to reduces their vulnerability to energy price shocks by locking in electricity costs and reducing carbon pollution for decades to come.