How EV Charging Works


Drive on Sunshine with EV Charging.

Power your car with solar! Just 8 solar panels provide roughly enough electricity to power 12,000 miles of electric driving each year at a low, fixed cost. ReVision offers different charging options based on your driving and home needs. You can wake up to a full charge everyday; Level Two charging stations can deliver full vehicle battery charge in 4 to 8 hours, depending on the battery size and the on-board charge rate of your car. Read on to learn about the advantages of EVs and solar powered EV charging!

Electric vehicles offer a unique trifecta of benefits:

  1. Lower your carbon footprint: Transportation is the single largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the US. Driving electric not only lessens your dependency on dirty fossil fuels, but since EVs get cleaner the longer you drive them, going electric helps the overall grid wean itself off coal and gas

  2. Save money: EVs cost less to operate and maintain, and are on average more affordable to drive when you compare the average cost of gas to the average cost of electric charging.  In New England, an eGallon (the cost of charging an EV compared to its gas-powered counterpart) is significantly lower than a regular gallon of gasoline. This becomes even more affordable when you charge your EV with solar power!

  3. Gain energy independence: Get where you need to go with power from the sun, generated locally, and stop sending money to dirty, polluting oil companies.

EV charging home.pngUsing solar to power your car (along with the rest of your home) is the future of energy. The holistic approach to combining PV and EV systems breaks the connection between driving and carbon pollution.

When you pair solar power with EVs, you break the connection between driving and carbon pollution and take a big step toward energy independence. By budgeting a PV system as part of an EV’s cost, you create a valuable charging package that gives you a better return on investment, and produces free energy for your car and home for years to come.

If you want to drive an electric vehicle, you’re going to need an electric vehicle charging point at home, either mounted in the garage or on the driveway. To charge your electric vehicle with solar, you need two components: a solar electric system and a Level Two electric vehicle charging station. ReVision Energy can install both for you. A wall-mounted Level Two charger can deliver about 25 miles of range per hour of charging, allowing you to wake up every morning to a fully-charged vehicle.

Level Two charging is much faster than, and highly preferable, to Level I plug-in outlet charging which typically delivers 4-5 miles per hour of charging. A 2017 Chevy Bolt, for example, takes only 8.5 hours (overnight) to recover its 238-mile range with a Level Two charger, and over 36 hours with a Level One charger.

A grid-tied solar electric system is the best way to put solar to work for your electric car. A grid-tied system will produce power whenever the sun is out, regardless of whether your house needs it that moment. So, if you are at work (and charging there!), the power generated at your home will be sold to the grid. You get that power back in the form of a credit, which you can use at night while re-charging your EV.