EV Charging Case Study: L.L. Bean

L.L.Bean | Freeport, ME

System size:  8 Level Two Chargers

Install Date:  2018

ReVision Energy partnered with L.L.Bean to install eight basic Level 2 chargers at their downtown Freeport campus. These pedestal mounted chargers are located in the Justin’s Way lot, next to Tesla’s superchargers, and within an easy walk to their main store’s entrance. L.L.Bean’s commitment to the clean energy transition through promoting plug-in vehicles is exemplified by their desire to own and operate these publicly available stations, free of charge to all users!

ll-bean-ev-charging-station.jpgBill Yeo, Community Engagement Coordinator at L.L.Bean, says this project has been a resounding success and the corporate leadership is in the process of adding workplace charging at its new headquarters down the street.

The benefits to downtown Freeport, the state of Maine, and L.L.Bean’s flagship retail store not only include protecting the environment by promoting low emission vehicle travel, but also attracting EV driver’s from all over, who stop to charge and, in return, spend time in all the restaurants, shops, and other attractions Freeport has to offer!

L.L.Bean is leading the way by providing a public charging amenity to EV drivers who are eager to visit the legendary retail store. Customers have expressed appreciation and excitement for the charging stations. Some driver comments on PlugShare include: 

“Nicely lit area. Free charging while you shop.” 

“Great parking spot for shopping while charging!” 

“I am being an Outsider while my Volt fills up. Thank you, LLB!” 

“Great location. Thank you, L.L.Bean. Spent a lot more in your store than the cost of electricity!”