EV Charging Case Study: Hannafords

Hannaford's Headquarters | Scarborough, ME

System size:  Four Level 2 32A Chargers

Install Date:  2017

Hannaford Scarborough EvIn 2017, ReVision Energy teamed up with Enphase to install four Level 2, 32A chargers at Hannaford's Scarborough, ME headquarters. This was one of the first workplace charging stations in state! The reliable charging units from Enphase have been operational since their installation, serving both employees and customers at Hannaford's headquarters.  

This was only the beginning of Hannaford's EV charging journey. Hannaford extended their commitment to clean energy by facilitating the placement of Maine's first five DC Fast Chargers at their retail locations along I-95, from York through Augusta. They have also expanded EV charging in their store parking areas, installing more than 163 plugs at 31 stores (and growing) throughout the Northeast. 

In addition to EV charging, Hannaford has made huge steps towards greater sustainability in recent years, and has set a goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy in 2024.   

Hannaford's workplace and public EV charging highlight the potential for businesses to easily mesh their sustainability goals with customer and employee needs.