Ethan Schechter

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Ethan Schechter Updated Photo for website 2024.jpegEthan has been designing solar, heat pumps and other clean energy systems at ReVision Energy since 2017. His favorite part of this work is that it allows him to travel throughout the beautiful state of Maine, while meeting interesting people and helping to alleviate economic and social injustice from our dominant fossil fuel-based economy.

Before changing careers into renewable energy, Ethan lived and worked in a range of places, including Washington, D.C., Cambridge, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. He spent the earlier part of his career working on education and international conflict management initiatives. One of these was an applied research project that explored how oil, mining and gas companies can better engage local communities to mitigate their negative social and environmental impacts. It was through this work that he grew an interest in how business can be a force for good, which ultimately led him to ReVision Energy.

After living in the Middle East leading programming for Seeds of Peace, Ethan moved to Maine and found his way to ReVision. He loves to bike, hike, ski and canoe throughout Northern New England. Ethan lives in Portland with his wife, Abby, and their two sons. They heat their home and hot water with highly efficient heat pumps, all powered by a 13.84 KW solar array on their roof.