Erik Mitchell

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Erik In The MountainsErik grew up in Rhode Island and spent his summers in Midcoast Maine teaching sailing, working on a lobster boat, and being on the ocean as much as possible. After graduating from the University of Maine at Farmington, where he developed a fondness for the mountains, he took his Business Degree and headed west to Lake Tahoe, CA in search of powder (and maybe a little employment as well).

After two winters in Lake Tahoe, family, friends, and the “real world” drew Erik back to the East Coast where he moved to Portland, ME. His love for boats and the ocean acquired him a job living and working on tugboats in New York City for two weeks at a time when he wasn’t in Portland.

After developing a strong interest in renewable energy and realizing that the tugboat life wasn’t an ideal fit, Erik found a little company called Revision Energy in Portland and was hired as an installer in 2008. He quickly learned that working among great, like minded people and really believing in the work that you are doing is a very powerful thing! Erik spent the next 7 years as an installer and Project Manager focusing mainly on Solar Thermal & Heat Pump installations.

Erik is now a Solar Design Specialist where he helps homeowners reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and understand the many benefits of going solar.

In his free time you can find him on the ocean in the summertime, on his snowboard in the winter, spending time outdoors with his wife Mercedes, daughter Faye, dog Bunsen, and tending to the never ending list of projects around the house.

Erik Mitchell's Energy System

Erik resides in Brunswick, ME where he utilizes most of the products that Revision Energy has to offer. Heat comes from a combination of Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps and a Napoleon wood stove. The domestic hot water is heated 75% of the year by two flat plate solar hot water collectors on the roof. The electric bill is taken care of by a 7.8 KW PV system. Driving is achieved by an all electric vehicle which is charged by a Clipper Creek charging station at home and the huge benefit of employee charging stations at work.