Commercial EV Charging


Founded in 2003, ReVision Energy is a mission-driven, employee-owned energy transition company operating in New England. Prioritizing people over profit, community over competition, and sustainable growth over rapid expansion, we're on a mission to build a better world through grid and vehicle electrification. ReVision leads in the development, construction, service, and maintenance of transportation-based charging infrastructure in New England. Beyond turnkey solutions, ReVision owns and operates public charging stations enabling us to provide valuable insights into functional logistics, business models, and charging behaviors.

Project Samples:

Monadnock Food Coop Keene, NH 132 DCFC & L2
Minor System Inspection Colebrook, NH 200 DCFC
Belfast Hannaford Belfast, ME 125 DCFC
Maine Coast Mall Ellsworth, ME 125 DCFC
Irving Bangor Bangor, ME 125 DCFC
Irving Fairfield Fairfield, ME 125 DCFC
Irving Auburn Auburn, ME 125 DCFC
CMP Pilot Program ME - 10 Sites 288 L2
Tuscan Village Salem, NH 250 DCFC
Maine DC Corridor ME - 7 Sites 1275 DCFC & L2


EV Charging Map ReVision Energy.pngServices Offered:

  1. Site Evaluation
  2. Design
  3. Engineering
  4. Procurement
  5. Logistics
  6. Installation
  7. Commissioning
  8. Service
  9. Operations & Maintenance
  10. Asset Management
  11. Utility Rate Analysis
  12. Charging Station Business Model Optimization


Why ReVision?

We Are Invested in Electrification:

ReVision understands the critical interdependencies between grid and vehicle electrification in creating a sustainable future in our region. This is why we’ve established a team of co-owners exclusively focused on developing and installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This team also includes a service and maintenance division to ensure ongoing reliability post-commissioning. Optimizing EV Infrastructure Ownership and Cost-Effective EVSE Solutions: ReVision has installed hundreds of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) projects, ranging from Level 2 to DCFC. Additionally, ReVision owns and operates several EVSE sites; we consistently refine analyses to lower ownership and operational costs. Recognizing costs extend beyond installation, we assist customers in owning more cost-effective chargers.

We Stay Ahead of the EV Technology Curve:

ReVision regularly evaluates emerging EV technologies to identify reliable, cost-effective solutions tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs. Our technology expertise includes EVSE integration with both solar power sources and battery storage. With over 154 MW of PV systems installed and a dedicated battery storage team, we are uniquely placed to integrate EV charging for cleaner, lower cost transportation.

Strategic Planning Informed by Both Expertise and Connections:

Our team maintains close ties with the utilities in each state we serve, offering critical connections and insights into rates for cost-effective project planning. Our skilled team of strategic planners leverages these relationships, technology expertise, and data intelligence, to develop optimal product and site designs with an effective cost-model for success.

We Believe Advocacy and Education are Mutually Beneficial:

We are committed to advocacy for EV adoption policies, participating in presentations and events to promote clean transportation and educate the public. Our advocacy, in turn, allows us to stay up-to-date with federal, state, utility, and local incentives to maximize savings and expedite project viability.

ReVision Energy Customers: