Craig Cadieux

Employee-Owner | Solar Design Specialist

Craig CadieuxCraig has more than 12-years’ experience in the clean energy field. He joined ReVision in 2014 after working with the non-profit Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) as their Energy Solutions Advisor providing their members with sound advice on ways to reduce energy consumption and produce their own.

He has been certified by the North American Board of Solar Practitioners (NABCEP) for both Solar Electric and Solar Thermal and has held a number of certifications from the Building Performance Initiative (BPI) related to building efficiency. Craig has a strong building science background having designed and built net-zero and near net-zero homes. He is a strong believer that the cleanest energy is the energy that’s not used.

Craig lives in the Newfound Lake watershed with his wife Heather and their male Golden Retriever ‘Aime’, (who often travels with him to site visits). In his free time he’s either building something in his shop, making his property more wildlife friendly, or wondering and hiking the woods listening and learning.

Craig heats his home with a wood pellet boiler supported by mini-splits, heats his water with a solar thermal system, and makes his own electricity with an 8.25 kW PV System. In 2009 when gas prices were racing towards $4.00 a gallon, he got tired of waiting for electric vehicles to hit the market, so he converted a Chevy S-10 to run with an electric fork lift motor and 18 golf cart batteries.