Warranty & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty (5 Years)

ReVision Energy warrants its workmanship supplied in connection with equipment purchased from and installed by ReVision. ReVision will repair, at no cost to the customer, equipment sold to the customer by ReVision in accordance with the terms of the equipment manufacturer's warranty. After 5 years, ReVision shall service warranties of manufacturers of equipment sold to the customer by ReVision but the customer shall be responsible to pay the cost of standard labor rates.

Manufacturer Warranties (5-25 Years)
Solar Panels
25 years
40+ years
Solar Inverters
10-20 years
15-20 years
Racking Systems
20-25 years
40+ years
Data Monitoring
5-10 years
15-25 years
5-10 years
40+ years

*See manufacturer information for more details