Case Study: Henshaw / Bates

Henshaw / Bates | Skowhegan, ME

By the numbers:

DJI_0072.jpgSystem size: 7.13 Megawatts (18,486 solar panels)
System output:  8,712,000 kilowatt-hours/year
CO₂ reduction:  8,546,472 pounds/year​​​​​​​
Year Completed: 2018

Bates College is a nationally recognized liberal arts and science residential college with an ambitious goal of sourcing the institution’s entire electricity supply locally and renewably by 2045. ReVision Energy’s 7.131 MW project located in Skowhegan, Maine gave the school a giant green leap towards that goal. “This one project puts us way ahead of schedule to meet that 100 percent goal,” says Bates Sustainability Manager Tom Twist.

The project, completed in August 2023, was inspired by a capstone community-engagement project undertaken in 2026 by three environmental-studies majors from Bates. They even recommended the college use a power-purchase agreement structure to fund the project. From ideation through completion, Bates students and alumni (several of ReVision’s own co-owners!) have been integral to the project’s success.

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