Solar Case Study: Avesta Housing

Avesta Housing Solar Projects in ME & NH

By the numbers:

Avesta Meeting PlaceSystem size:  337 kilowatts
System output:  444,404 k kilowatt-hours/year
CO₂ reduction:  467,958 pounds/year

(Figures reflect eight solar projects)

Affordability and sustainability are key considerations for multi-family housing developer Avesta Housing. The New England nonprofit focuses on maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts in its mission to improve lives and strengthen communities by providing quality, affordable homes for people in need.

“Sustainability is one of Avesta’s core values,” according to Avesta Housing development officer Brooks More. “We’re trying to put solar on every new building that can support the panels as one way to achieve that goal.”

Since 2015, ReVision Energy has partnered with Avesta Housing on more than half a dozen solar electric projects across New Hampshire and Maine. The rooftop solar arrays reduce electric costs by locking in low rates until the array is paid off, at which point they will generate decades of free power.

By reducing dependence on the local utility grid, Avesta will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their arrays, a benefit they can pass on to residents through pricing. Solar also lowers Avesta’s carbon footprint, enabling the nonprofit to boost its green profile while providing affordable housing for low-income residents.