Sense Solar

Solar Sense Monitoring 

So, you have a solar array and can track your electricity production through your inverter's monitoring platform -- but what about tracking how much energy is being used in your home and seeing what patterns emerge over time? Sense Solar is a monitoring app that can show you these details by day, week, month, year, and billing cycle. See how much electricity you consume from solar or the grid, the excess electricity you export to the utility grid, and exactly how much of your home is powered by your solar system. The live energy profile Sense creates for you can enable a more energy-efficient home.

Once Sense has been installed with the help of a ReVision electrician, it will identify unique loads in your home and suggest what those sources are. If any aren't correctly identified within Sense's large database of appliance algorithms, it's easy for you to re-name them as appropriate. From there, Sense will provide detailed visualizations of your production and usages, and will even have your back. By uploading your utility rates and meter read dates, Sense can error check your utility bill to make sure all your energy credits are being applied correctly. Sense can also send you notifications if, for example, your sump pump has not run for 24 hours.