Community Solar in Versant Region Maine

Join a community solar farm and lock in low-cost solar power for decades!

Lock in Reliable, Low-Cost Solar Energy For Decades with Community Solar

  • Solar panels are located off-site at a solar farm – no need for it to be on your roof or property at all.
  • Because you’ve joined with other people in a solar farm, the cost is very competitive.
  • Ownership model so you get full financial benefit of solar panels – locked-in reduced electric rates for decades to come.
  • Available for CMP and Versant customers – You can smile when electric rates going up, knowing that you’ve locked in a low price for decades with solar.

How it Works

  • Your solar panels are located at an ideal location where a multi-acre solar project makes sense – NOT on your roof or in your yard.
  • All power from the solar panels goes into the grid. You get a full bill credit just as if the solar panels were at your location.
  • You can finance the solar panels with one of our affordable financing options. So essentially you can stop “renting” power from the utility and start owning the power generated from your solar panels.
  • You don’t need to own your house. This also works for businesses!

Why ReVision

  • We are local – With roots in Maine going back to the 1990s, ReVision has decades of experience bringing solar to thousands of Mainers. We care about Maine and are here for the long haul.
  • We are experienced – Our dedication to technical excellence has earned us #1 solar installer in New England for more than three years. We have been building solar farms for almost 10 years, long before anyone local or national companies were interested in developing them. This means we are better prepared than anyone for all the complexities involved in developing and servicing community solar farms.
  • We stand by our product – We have a dedicated, 24/7/365 support team, so should you have questions or if anything goes wrong, a locally-based team member will get back to you right away.
  • We’re Employee Owned – Everyone you work with at ReVision will “act like an owner” because they literally are. Our team is dedicated to delighting our customers with the highest-quality, competitively-priced solar options you’ll find anywhere.

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