Getting Hanover Ready for 100

Humanity has a short window of time to transition to a 100% carbon-free economy to avert the worse events of the climate crisis, and towns like Hanover, NH aren’t waiting for federal programs to start making big progress. Hanover, NH has taken the “Ready for 100” pledge, and Julia Griffin, Town Manager of Hanover, says,… Read more

Homeowners Back Up the Grid with Battery Storage

Hot summer days aren’t when you’d think of needing battery backup power for your home – you might instead picture the aftermath of heavy winter snows and winds, with your next-door neighbors struggling to haul generators out of the garage. However, homeowners like Mike Gingerich of Amesbury, MA have found that it pays to have… Read more

Alfred, ME Family Shares the Sun to Beat Electric Bills

Rising electricity costs were a frustration Kelcy and Read McNamara used to share with their neighbors in Alfred, Maine, until they traded their stress and hefty bills for solar electricity and peace of mind. Now they share solutions instead of aggravation! The McNamaras always wanted to go solar and knew their sunny rooftop would be… Read more

Wildnauer Woodworking Walks the Walk

Customer Q&A: Wildnauer Woodworking, South Berwick, ME We caught up with Fred Wildnauer, a woodworker and solar customer in South Berwick, to talk about the value of adding solar to his business and the value of going solar both for economic and envrionmental reasons. RE: Tell us about yourself – What was your motivation for going solar?… Read more