Thanks for starting your solar journey! The experienced professionals at ReVision Energy are ready to help you explore solar energy options for your home, as well as the latest technology that is replacing fossil fuels (heat pumps, electric cars, and optional battery storage).


The eBook you’ve just received, A Guide to Workplace Charging, walks you through some of the most common questions we get as people move from “Solar Curious” to “Solar Serious.”

Whether you want to save money, reduce pollution or increase energy independence and security, our goal is to provide the comprehensive advice and educational resources you need to make the best decision for your situation.

Want to learn more? Our highly trained solar design consultants are ready to talk to you whenever you’re ready to discuss options in more depth, or just ask a random question. Our approach is always to educate, never a hard sell. Reach out at:

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  • (207) 221-6342 (Portland, ME) – Southern Maine
  • (603) 679-1777 (Brentwood, NH) – Central and East NH
  • (603) 415-0151 (Concord, NH) – Northern, Western NH and parts of VT
  • (978) 308-9041 (North Andover, MA) – North Shore MA

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