Zach GoodZach joined the ReVision Energy team back in 2014 after spending four fantastic years at the University of Maine at Farmington.  Zach cut his teeth in the solar industry his first fall out of college doing a year of hard time working for a small installation company just outside of Boston. After realizing that city life wasn’t for him, Zach headed home to Maine to find ReVision Energy.
Zach spent his first two years at ReVision as an installer/residential project manager until an exciting opportunity through ReVision allowed him to join forces with fellow B Corp companies SunCommon and Namaste Solar. He spent nearly an entire year working with them, managing the construction of nearly 5 megawatts of solar in central Massachusetts and gaining valuable experience to bring home to ReVision. Since returning, Zach has assumed the role of Commercial Project Manager, helping steer ReVision Energy’s future in utility-scale solar projects.
Zach and his girlfriend, Lindsay, recently became first-time homeowners and are very excited to have procured 11 FREE 315w panels – they are just one inverter shy of a nice little residential system. Off the clock, you’re likely to find Zach behind his guitar strumming some tunes, at the top of a mountain with his skis pointed downhill, or chipping away at the seemingly neverending list of home improvements.