Willow had an early awakening to the limitations of earth’s carrying capacity when she decided to create a report on overpopulation for her 5th grade science fair. Even to her young eyes the statistics didn’t look good. She was immediately aware of the same issues that ReVision Energy co-founder William Behrens highlights in his 1972 book Limits to Growth. Concern about the environment and the future of humanity for Willow was balanced with the belief that this is a wonderful time to be alive, and a gift not to be taken for granted. Together this paradigm has influenced her life path in a myriad of ways.

Throughout her late teens and early twenties Willow sought opportunities to travel and live abroad, enjoying the freedoms of late 20th century affordable air travel and seeking to understand through contrast what works in USA culture, what’s failing us, and how it can be done better. Her academic studies included concentrations in dance, anthropology at Sarah Lawrence College, a minor in biology and a major in nonfiction writing from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and publishing at Oxford Brooks University.

Willow’s love of rugged American individualism and the beauty of the Maine coast brought her back to her childhood home-town of Hope where she raised her son Zebediah on the same land she grew up on. During this time, she designed and built a 960 sq ft energy efficient house through a series of work parties and established the foundations for permaculture gardens. In 2009 she co-founded the Transition Towns Hope initiative as an effort to develop local resiliency in the face of peak oil and climate change.

Before coming to ReVision Energy, Willow channeled her desire to help others enjoy this precious gift of a human life by becoming a health coach and massage therapist, but after 15 years in private practice she found herself ready for a change. When she found ReVision, Willow knew that she’d found her tribe. The B-Corp triple bottom line philosophy of people, planets and profit along with the overarching mission to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions provide a context in which Willow has been able to channel her desire to have a positive impact on the world with co-workers who share the same ideology.

Currently, Willow provides office support for a number of different functional teams within ReVision Energy and is the helpful and welcoming voice who answers most calls to the Liberty branch.