Tyler was born in Portsmouth, NH and grew up in Lee, a small town filled mostly with farm land. He found it was an awesome place to be, with so much to do outdoors – especially the endless fun in the water on the nearby Lamprey River. He spent most days after school going over to a neighbor’s house with his sister to fish and find cool wildlife.

Tyler went to Highschool at Oyster River and found his niche with the sustainability club. Many of his friends were very outdoorsy and they all loved to experience nature as much as they could. After graduating in 2015, he was accepted to Keene State College and decided to major in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Occupational Safety/Health and Applied Sciences. Tyler enjoyed this subject so much because it is wrapped up in everything: economics, sustainability, politics, safety, health, etc. He was gaining a very broad knowledge of not just environmental issues, but how they are intertwined with these other subjects.

Throughout high school and college Tyler worked as a bike technician at Exeter Cycles and Norm’s Ski and Bike in Keene, NH. Tyler shared how he gained so many skills in customer service, bike mechanics, and training of other techs that were hired on. During this time he also consistently worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club, helping to rebuild and maintain trails – many of which can still be enjoyed today thanks to this wonderful group of people. Working for the AMC was the most rewarding work Tyler has ever done. He found that the amount of time and effort put into building a trail is unimaginable, but that many hands definitely made the job easier. The people he met through that experience became life long friends, and Tyler feel sure it will be the same story with ReVision.

Tyler wanted to join the renewable energy field because he’s been interested in it his whole life. Having worked on the political/action side of the fight for a long time with NextGen Climate, he’s spent seemingly endless days tabling, canvassing for signatures, sitting in the rain trying to get students to vote and educating them on the candidates. He found it is all worth it when you see the official numbers for the polling stations in your town and can say “we made that change happen”. This inspired him to get into the renewable energy field and talk to people about why this is such a great investment and opportunity to lead us into the future of energy production and use.