Tia FloydBorn in Lowell, MA but raised and grew up in Pelham, NH, Tia always dreamed of venturing out of the Granite State for school, but ended up falling in love with the state even more when accepted into the University of New Hampshire.  As a lost freshman starting to work toward a Communication degree, she discovered EcoGastronomy, an interdisciplinary major unique to UNH, that involves sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and hospitality.  Simply put, it is the study of food and how the environment comes into play.

The Social Innovation Internship was presented to Tia as an opportunity to work with a mutually chosen company that has strong values and wants to make a positive change in the world.  ReVision Energy was just that for her.  Since the company itself is a B-Corp, their values matched up with her own personal ones to be the best for the world with positive social and environmental actions.  Tia has a love of animals and the outdoors – really any activity that involves the warm outdoors in the summertime is ideal for her.

While she would love to stay longer, Tia will only be with ReVision until the end of July when she will be traveling to Italy for her fall semester!