Tim Burggraff

Solar Design Specialist

Tim was born near Munich and grew up not far from Frankfurt, Germany. After high school he completed a 2.5 years apprenticeship in industrial business administration but then determined that he wanted work that was more meaningful and decided to study environmental engineering at the University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden. While studying environmental engineering,… Read more

Robert Bunnitt

Master Electrician

Robert was born and raised in New Orleans, as is evident from his rolling southern accent. After high school he played football for one year at Grambling University before becoming a Naval Seabee, the Naval Construction Force of the United States Navy. Robert spent 8 years in active duty and 5 years in active reserves… Read more

Willow Hall

Customer Service and Office Support

Willow had an early awakening to the limitations of earth’s carrying capacity when she decided to create a report on overpopulation for her 5th grade science fair. Even to her young eyes the statistics didn’t look good. She was immediately aware of the same issues that ReVision Energy co-founder William Behrens highlights in his 1972… Read more

Lyndsay Ulin

Marketing Coordinator

As a former ReVision company event gate-crasher who was always made to feel welcome, Lyndsay jumped at the chance to join the ReVision team after graduating with a BA in German and International Affairs and being unable to decide between pursuing a lucrative career as a veggie-farming, alpaca-herding, sweater-knitting, bee-keeping chicken wrangler or as wildly… Read more

Phoebe Hunt

Service Administrator

Phoebe is a New England native, raised in small farm town in Connecticut, and is now happy to reside in the small town/city of Portland, Maine. She joined ReVision Energy in 2017, looking for a way to funnel her energies towards a positive future for our natural surroundings and generations to come. Phoebe has diverse… Read more

David Webb

Commercial Lighting Consultant

David’s passion for people and the outdoors has led him here to Revision Energy.  David grew up on a small farm in Townsend, MA where he spent his childhood roaming his parents 30 acres. At a young age, it was evident that David was extremely interested in the outdoors, specifically farming.  David pursued this as… Read more

Steven Swindell

Senior Solar Design Specialist

Born in Michigan, Steve relocated to the Boston area as a young child where he developed a deep affinity for New England. Strong family values, social justice and a love for the outdoors became as integral to his life as are following the Boston sports teams. Post-graduation from Bowdoin College in Maine, his early career… Read more

Malcolm Sonnett

Solar Design Specialist

Malcolm has roots in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and the Rockies of Wyoming, but recently resettled in New Hampshire in search of a happy medium. He loves the outdoors — snowboarding, soccer, hiking, swimming, and camping — and is grateful to be in an area with so much to offer. Though his background is… Read more

Dan McCarthy

Technical SV Specialist

Dan was born in Washington, DC but grew up in Marlborough, MA. Always into life outdoors, Dan has an activity for every season and enjoys everything New England has to offer. His interest in green energy started while at University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a BS in Building and Construction Technology. It was… Read more

Tom Hobbs

Solar Design Specialist/Marketing Ambassador

Tom grew up in Manchester, NH and graduated with degrees in history and political science with focuses in conservation and public policy from the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. After completing an internship with the NH Sierra Club, Tom knew he wanted to get involved in the clean energy industry. Fresh out of college in… Read more