Mondrian ShumateMondrian was born in Seattle but grew up in central Massachusetts. During high school she was fascinated by her work at a daycare, leading her to pursue a major in developmental psychology at Fitchburg State University graduating in 2009 with a B.S.

While pursuing her B.S. Mondrian lived in Sydney, Australia for a semester abroad. Her love of travel has also spurred several cross-country road trips with highlights camping in almost all our major national parks.

Mondrian received her teaching certificate in Resources for Infant Educarers  (R.I.E.) methods and practices while in California. This is an alternative method of child rearing that is similar to Waldorf and Montessori but with a focus on infants aged 0-3yrs. Her interest in alternative methods of education led her to travel back to Washington State for a farming internship. Part of the appeal of this internship was that this farm neighbored an intentional community of more than ten families with an innovative and democratic school based on the Sudbury Model.

In early 2011 Mondrian moved to Maine to live and work on an off-grid farm in Montville. The farm owners were homeschooling two small toddlers. She stayed on with that farm for 2 years until the children were school age, and then collaborated with some other families to establish the Water Street Learning Center in Liberty. Water Street Learning Center offers homeschooled children structured activities with their peers focusing on nature, music, reading, math and science.

In the fall of 2012 Mondrian bought 10 acres in Belfast that had been bequeathed to MOFGA by Danya Klie a very active member since the 90’s. In April of 2016 she joined the team at ReVision Energy and in the spring of 2018 her home began to reap the rewards of this relationship with 14 solar panels.

Mondrian continues to homestead in Belfast with her two dogs and two cats. In addition to loving her work at ReVision, she enjoys traveling, yoga, biking and camping.