Karen CannizzaroKaren Cannizzaro was born in Alberta, Canada and has lived all over the country (California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Karen went to Keene State College and transferred to the Evergreen State College in the northwest where she took a lot of Ecological Agriculture courses and lived in a yurt out in Olympia and hiked in the rainforest in the Olympic peninsula in Washington while finishing college. She has biked across the country two times resisting settling down in any one place. Karen worked teaching elementary and middle school kids at an environmental school with sites in Bridgeton and Ocean Park, Maine (ocean and inland) after graduating teaching kids about our environment.

For mental therapy, she loves running, cycling, snow shoeing, snowboarding and playing ultimate disc. Karen and her husband bought an old cape built in 1756 because they have always loved old homes. They are hoping to do a ground mount and ASHP’s in 2017 on their 6 acre place in Lee, NH. She has been doing sales in the computer tech arena for close to 20 years and after having their little one, Karen took a short break from working in sales after having a baby (who is 7 now) so she could be home with him. She joined ReVision in 2016 as a commercial design consultant.