John CapronJohn started with ReVision Energy in 2007 as part of the installation crew. After serving for years in that role, on both solar thermal and solar electric installation crews, John now manages the PV installation operations of our Portland branch, as well as shared duties as one of the Shop’s four general managers.

John is a native of Foxboro, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BS in Administration and a Studio Art minor. Prior to joining the renewable energy field, John spent 18 years in the film and TV production industry, with a wide range of experience from documentary producer to set lighting technician. Seeing the wasted resources created from that industry was one of the reasons he opted for a new career focused on sustainability. John often lends his camera skills to ReVision and takes many of our gallery and project photos.

John lives on a homestead in Bowdoinham with an ever changing cast of family and friends. On his roof is a 40 tube solar hot water collector array providing domestic hot water for his home. As a USCG Captain, John spends a much time as possible on the waters of Casco Bay.


energy system photo

John Capron's Energy System

John’s home features 40 evacuated tube solar hot water array with electric back up. His home is heated exclusively with wood.