Jo SorrellOriginally from the east coast, Jo went west after attending college to chase powder, climb rocks, and backpack big mountains.  After adventuring around the world, working as a guide, an environmental educator, and a teacher, Jo experienced the effects of climate change first-hand in wild, “untouched” places.  Wanting to do something to mitigate climate change, Jo was inspired to pick up a master’s degree in environmental law and policy, where she sharpened her skill set as an advocate, educator, connector and communicator.

Before coming back to Maine, Jo was an environmental writer, served as conservation director for a feisty environmental advocacy nonprofit, worked in educational services in New York City, and made stops in between to Alaska, Vermont, California, Baffin Island, the Adirondacks, Asia, and beyond.  At ReVision, Jo enables businesses to realize their renewable energy potential through solar design and sales.  When not at the office or on a roof, Jo can be found playing her cello, exploring the backcountry of the Northeast, or passionately discussing the merits of home insulation and heat pumps with her (very patient) husband, Clay.