Joe Pagano

Run 2gether, Stay 2gether

Joe has lived all over the eastern US, from Buffalo, to Coral Springs, to Cincinnati, and now Portland. He earned a B.S. in Human Communication from SUNY Fredonia, and M.S. in Higher Education Administration from SUNY Buffalo, and after 12 years of education advocacy in a university setting, he decided it was time to channel his energy toward another realm of society that also focused on a culture of sustainability. ReVision Energy’s values, mission, and B Corp status made it an easy choice.

He and his wife and will do anything besides sitting inside, and they love the opportunity to travel. Along with visiting the usual beautiful faraway places, like Spain or Italy, they also have a fun ongoing challenge of completing 100 half marathons in all 50 states together. They hope to complete this challenge before she is 60, and are well on their way with many states checked off!

They currently rent a 1 bedroom apartment, which they chose simply because they knew that anything larger would be a waste of energy and space. As well, through an aggressive lifestyle of reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting, they only create one small grocery bag of garbage a month.  Joe’s preferred commute to ReVision tends to be walking or biking.