Hailing from the flatlands of Ohio, Ian grew up on a horse farm, and learned the fundamentals of creating more with less by combining a hay bale slinging, horse training lifestyle, while also being a part of his parents business whilst starting an independent insurance agency in his local town of 847 people. Ian studied Business Management with a focus on Self-Sustainable Construction at Otterbein College near Columbus, Ohio.

Ian’s career background started in hospitality, as well as working closely with a Certified arboriculturist in Ohio where he learned how to be an ape man climbing and pruning trees, but keeping SAFETY FIRST and properly learning all of the ‘knots’ that come with hanging upside down. Ian’s career then changed dramatically by joining the corporate adult beverage industry for Miller-Coors with great success, then shortly after meeting his girlfriend who hails from the great town of New London, NH at college in Ohio, had a change of heart due to learning the real ingredients in mass produced beer, as well as feeling his passion was truly making a difference in the world through renewable energy.

Over the year of 2015, Ian and Alanna moved to NH for him to work with a corporate solar company, then after finding it wasn’t the approach he wanted to take, quickly became fond of ReVision after seeing Dan Clapp speak at a NHSEA (http://nhsea.org/) seminar on combining renewable energy in October 2015.

Alanna is currently starting an allergy free bakery, while Ian is often referred to as her ‘sous chef. They both enjoy playing pickle-ball, golf, healthy eating habits, and he enjoys picking a few originals and always portraying a message behind his catchy tunes. He and Alanna currently reside in Sunapee, NH

You can usually find him in the great capital of NH, Concord, by being on the front lines of incoming and outbound calls to give potential customers the initial “ReVision Experience”, and either assisting John Lawrence in ‘being green’ efforts, or continuously being a sponge and always learning from each and every colleague at ReVision, and states ” My career is really important, and it just so happens I can passionately enjoy what I do and still feel its rewarding at the end of the day”.