Fred Greenhalgh

Fred, wife Amy, daughter Nyana in front of solar electric array in Lesotho, Africa

Hailing from Downeast Maine, Fred completed his studies at USM in 2006 with a focus on Media Studies. Fred’s a passionate writer, as well as an audio producer, and since 2007 has been running a radio show called Radio Drama Revival at community station WMPG. He also produces his own fiction stories as audio plays with his award-winning FinalRune Productions.

Since joining ReVision Energy in 2010, he has had the joy of using his new media skills to promote the sound economic and environmental return on investment of solar energy.  He is also committed to sustainability and simple living in his own life.

He and his wife Amy, their daughter Nyana, dog Henry, 28+ chickens, goats, and seasonally-varying cast of other critters live on an action-packed 4 acre off-grid homestead in Alfred, Maine.

Fred and Amy built their cozy yurt-inspired SIP-house themselves, and can attest to the wonders of insulation (over 20°? who needs heat?).  They recently traveled to Lesotho (in Southern Africa) to install solar panels on a community hall, where it will help bring educational activities to a remote area of the world (they lived in a round house while there, too).

In addition to living sustainably, Fred and Amy are passionate about environmental conservation and serve on the Town of Alfred’s Conservation Commission.

energy system photo

Fred Greenhalgh's Energy System

Fred and Amy’s off-grid home contains a super-efficient audio post-production facility which can pump out quality productions for less than 2kw/hr of power a day! Meeting this modest electric load is a 750W solar electric array cobbled together from ReVision’s scratch and dent bin.  They have a rarely-used gasoline generator as backup.

The Winter Panel SIP home uses around a 1/2 cord of firewood a year, most of which is harvested from their own land.  They have not fired up their propane back-up heater since 2010.

Finally, they have a DC-powered Solene Aurora solar hot water collector, completing the suite of renewable energy systems.