Dylan LucasDylan Lucas, a New Hampshire native, has been passionate about energy since high school when he built a bicycle generator to harness exercise energy for his sophomore project. Senior year he hosted the Zealand Consensus with his high school’s sister school in Denmark. The Zealand Consensus was a student chapter of COP15, a United Nations Environmental Conference, organized to address curbing carbon emissions.

Dylan earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern he completed three 6 month internships in manufacturing. He worked first as a Lab Technician at Symmons Industries in Braintree, MA testing faucets and valves, the second at Innovent Technologies in Peabody MA as a Design/Manufacturing engineer creating parts and the parts travelers, and finally at Eastek International in Fenggang, Guangzhou, China as a process engineer where he designed work stations for efficiency and developed an excel VBA automatic tooling update program to keep customers informed on injection molding tool production progress.

After his work in China he realized that his biggest impact on human health would be from clean energy adoption. He is very interested in the development of smart grid systems with energy storage because the only drawback of renewable energy is its intermittent production.

While at Northeastern Dylan competed in CAA D1 track and field as a decathlete specializing in pole vault. This year he assisted the Bow High School track program by coaching pole vault. Still enamored by the energy of the human body, in his free time he likes to design and calculate energy from workout devices with hopes to use the devices in an energy-producing gym.