Daria standing at the railing of a boat on the oceanDaria is from Hamilton, MA. She has lived in Massachusetts her whole life and absolutely loves helping residents and businesses in her home state transition to clean energy.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Salem State University where she studied Geography and Environmental Sustainability. In the Fall of her senior year she completed an internship with the City of Salem, MA working with the Sustainability, Energy and Resiliency Committee (SERC). She learned about ReVision Energy when she applied to the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program and completed a marketing internship with ReVision in the Spring of her senior year. During college she studied abroad with Semester at Sea. She circumnavigated the globe in four months and visited 11 countries in Asia and Africa, accomplishing one of her lifelong dreams to travel the world. Having lived on a ship for a semester, the ocean feels like her second home.

After graduation she began working in the legal department of American Tower Corporation on the HAZMAT environmental compliance team, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance regarding hazardous materials. She was a Specialist responsible for compliance in 8 U.S. states.

She is now thrilled to join the clean energy industry, and ReVision was her first choice in where she wanted to work. The company as a B Corp matches her values in valuing people and the planet in line with profit. She knows that to mitigate climate change we need to transition to clean energy and is so grateful to contribute to that transition in MA.

She has a fully electric car, a 2015 Nissan Leaf. She loves to run outside by the ocean and in the sun, and enjoys swimming. She also loves eating fruits and vegetables, and has started dabbling in gardening and growing flowers because she loves having plants around.