Chris hails from Exeter, NH where he lives with his cat-kid Henry. He started his Solar career in 2008 building PV systems. He has installed over 800 PV systems, from the always custom residential systems, to larger commercial systems. For the last several years he has helped to build out our Service Department to ensure these systems perform for the many years to come.

In keeping to his personal mission to limit suffering, respect all life and forestall climate change, he eats a diet of only plants. He is also in the process of patenting an invention to limit methane gas emissions from landfills. (Methane = 20x more effective of a greenhouse gas than CO2)

His tiny family enjoys a relatively sustainable living lifestyle by employing several energy refinements such as Solar Hot Water, PV, and Heat Pumps. He also drives a hybrid car- a Prius.

His admiration and appreciation of the outdoors is most enjoyed through gardening, mountain biking, hiking and kayaking.

Chris is our PV Operations and Maintenance Specialist. He is a NABCEP certified PV system installer and a Licensed Master Electrician.