Caitlin MarshallCaitlin grew up in Dallas, Texas, then high-tailed it out to California for college. She earned her BA in International Peace & Conflict Studies from the University of San Francisco. A big takeaway from those days? The health of the environment directly impacts the health of societies. Caring for the environment is an important piece of working for peace.

Here in Maine, Caitlin helped grow the local food economy, running a neighborhood store for Rosemont Market and Bakery. After seven years at Rosemont, Caitlin is delighted to bring her skills in organization, customer service and schedule sudoku to another great, Maine-grown business. Caitlin assists in the day to day operations that get our installers out on the roofs: talking with customers, laying out the schedule, managing folders.

Outside ReVision, Caitlin loves reading, cooking, taking big walks, and dancing the hokey-pokey with her kid. She also serves on the board of Cultivating Community.