Andrew Melrose

Andrew at the helm of a Beechcraft Sport.

Andrew holds a BA in Geography and Anthropology from USM. Prior to his work at ReVision he worked at the Portland Jetport for United Airlines as a ticket agent, as well as for a roofing and carpentry company. While at USM he became interested in the solar field, and hoped to apply the skills he gained while in general construction towards a career in renewable energy – which he has since joining our team in 2010.

Andrew is a go-to part of our solar thermal and heat pump installation crew, and says he loves thermal work because “It always presents new challenges and no two jobs are ever exactly the same.”

Outside of his life in solar, Andrew holds a deep love of aviation. He’s flown single engine airplanes since he was 16 and obtained his pilot’s license at 17. He holds an Instrument Rating and is also licensed in seaplanes. He is currently attending a flight school at the Augusta State Airport to obtain his flight instructor certificate. He’s flown aircraft ranging from a Skyhawk Seaplanes to a 1940’s Piper Cub. He also likes aviation museums and other aviation history, and hopes to own his own airplane someday.