Andrew has a decade of experience working in the clean energy transition. First, he was a part of the “rEVolution,” personally delivering the first Tesla Electric Vehicles in New England. He then transitioned to working in Solar to charge all those EVs. As a ReVision employee-owner, Andrew develops Solar and EV Charging solutions with Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional partners across Massachusetts. These large scale projects each dramatically drive New England’s transition.

Andrew was inspired to join ReVision by the magnitude of the impact he could make on New England’s transition to clean energy by working for the region’s largest solar company. He fully believed ReVision Energy talked the talk, and walked the walk. Other companies pay lip service to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit, but Andrew wouldn’t settle for less than a Certified B Corp that is held to that higher standard.

Outside of ReVision, Andrew enjoys the sun while walking and birding. He can often be found taking local, hour-long walks and hikes with his dog, Samson. He loves globetrotting and walking cities and natural areas around the world with his high school sweetheart wife. Birding, and appreciating all the wildlife out there, is the perfect companion to a nice, long walk.

He also enjoys the sun every day, right from the comfort of his home in Cumberland, Rhode Island. His family is a member of a Community Solar Farm which takes care of 100% of their electricity usage. On top of all the regular house stuff, the solar covers heating and cooling through their heat pump, charging up their electric vehicle, and the sweet induction cooktop in their kitchen. Andrew loves cooking, and food cooked by the sun just tastes better!

energy system photo

Andrew Clark's Energy System

Andrew and his family looked into rooftop solar PV, but due to a shaded roof they were unable to install panels. Fed up with relying on the dirty Rhode Island electric grid for electricity, Tesla charging, and central air conditioning, they looked into other options. In 2016, they found a program through Green Energy Consumers Alliance to effectively offset (purchase RECs) 100% of their home’s electricity consumption. They had to pay a bit extra per month on our bill, to ensure the grid purchased power from renewable sources, New England wind and solar. 4 years later, Andrew learned that the “King Solar” project, a massive ~15 MW community solar farm, was being installed two towns over. The developer of this solar farm teamed up with Arcadia Power (the same guys who partnered with ReVision on Maine based subscription community solar) to manage the subscription-based program, making it easy and affordable for anyone in Rhode Island with a National Grid utility bill to join.

Andrew signed his family up, joining the largest community solar project in Rhode Island and switching from Green Energy 100% offset billing model to the Arcadia Power subscription. Though the subscription model is not as financially beneficial as an ownership model, Andrew knows his subscription solar will always be better than status quo electricity from the utility.

Though COVID-19 pushed the opening date of the King Solar project back a year, Andrew and his family are still enjoying solar powered electricity. Since day one of signup with Arcadia Power, they have ensured 100% of their consumption is coming from wind or solar. If King Solar fails to produce what is needed, the balance will come from the rest of Arcadia’s portfolio of wind and solar. Many ways to enjoy the sun!