Knickerbocker Group – Boothbay, ME

By the numbers:

System size:  57 kilowatts (152 solar panels)

System output:  71,369 kilowatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  111,505 pounds/year


Incorporating solar into new building is one of the important ways we will reach enough renewable energy capacity to get away from fossil fuels. At ReVision, we work with homeowners and commercial partners to help bring solar and its related technologies into the new construction process, making a fully 100% solar-powered home a tangible possibility!

Lucky for us, we’re not the only company in the northeast dreaming big when it comes to incorporating renewable technology into building. Design-build firm Knickerbocker Group is ahead of the game, with the installation of a a 57 kilowatt ground-mounted solar array at their Boothbay location. Each year, the 152-panel solar array will produce roughly 71,369 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity, offsetting the equivalent of 127,100 miles driven in a gas-powered car. Their own solar array will help the building company’s sustainability efforts in their future building projects.

“There’s something that really happens when you can bring a client out here and say ‘See this is what you can do, and this is how it works, see how simple it is?'” says Steve Malcolm, founder and CEO of Knickerbocker Group. “As I look toward the future I think we all have to be cognizant of what we do and how we impact the land around us, and how our carbon footprint makes a difference.”

Watch the full video feature with Knickerbocker Group here.

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