Lil’s Cafe Community Solar Farm (Hollis, ME)


Lil’s Cafe Community Solar Farm, Hollis, ME.

Michael Landgarten, owner of Kittery-based Lil’s Cafe, installed a 322-panel solar farm in Hollis in 2016 to supplement the solar panels on his former restaurant in Kittery, Bob’s Clam Hut. Now Michael’s solar farm is offsetting electricity at Lil’s, just the same.

Michael shared, “I couldn’t be happier about having a local solar farm. Originally the power from the solar farm was used to offset the electricity at Bob’s Clam Hut but after the business was sold it is now offsetting the electricity at Lil’s Cafe. I’m proud to tell my employees and customers about it. ReVision is clearly dedicated to renewable energy and mission driven. They are well informed, supportive, open to new ideas, and do extremely high quality work.”