Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm (Lisbon, ME)

Overview and System Location:

The 171 panel Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm located at Smith Farms on Fisher Road Lisbon, Maine. As of early December the 53kW system became operational and is now producing electricity from the sun for its nine members within CMP territory. Though Smith Farms itself is not one of the nine members, they invested in roof top solar earlier this year to offset their own energy loads.

System Design:

The solar farm is 53 kW. The solar array consists of 171 QCell 310-watt, photovoltaic modules mounted using a Pauselli driven pile ground mounting system.

The modules are wired together in a series and parallel configuration and then interconnected to the utility grid through SMA TL grid tied inverters (note 1). The array performance will be monitored by SolarLog utility grade meter system which provides access to real time system performance to members, and facilitates the sale of Renewable Energy Credits.

Note 1: all component specifications are preliminary and components may be substituted for the functional equivalents until project final design and contract

System Performance:

Performance Chart for Solar Farm at Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm

Module Orientation: 199.5 degrees (true)
Module Pitch: 35 degrees
Shading: 3%
Total Solar Resource Fraction: 91%

At this nearly ideal solar site and with the benefit of effective convective module cooling from the ground mounted system, the Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm is expected to produce 1,250 kwhr per kW on average through the year.

Overall System size: 53 kW