Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm (Lisbon, ME)

Overview and System Location: The 171 panel Higgins Corner Community Solar Farm located at Smith Farms on Fisher Road Lisbon, Maine. As of early December the 53kW system became operational and is now producing electricity from the sun for its nine members within CMP territory. Though Smith Farms itself is not one of the nine members, they invested… Read more

Solar farm at Morris Farm in Wiscasset, Maine

Morris Farm (Wiscasset, ME)

Overview and System Location: The Morris Farm Community Solar Farm is on Gardiner Road in Wiscasset, Maine. The solar array is on the site of former mobile home at the north end of the Morris Farm property and interconnected to an existing CMP service on Gardiner Road. About the Morris Farm Trust The Morris Farm Trust, a… Read more

Sky Ranch (Wayne, ME)

Overview and System Location: The Sky Ranch Community Solar Farm will be located adjacent to the retired airplane runway on Morrison Heights Road in Wayne, ME. The solar array will be installed between the road way and the runway and will be located to the south of the residence on the property. System Design: The proposed… Read more

community solar farm in maine

Maine Idyll Community Solar Farm – Freeport

Overview and System Location: The Maine Idyll Motor Court Community Solar Farm is located on the property at 1141 US Route 1 in Freeport, ME. The solar array was installed in the field between the buildings on the property and US Interstate 295, and is visible from the highway. System Design: The proposed solar farm has a size… Read more

sunnycroft csf south paris maine

Sunnycroft Solar Farm – South Paris, ME

After close to two years in development, in Oct 2014 ReVision Energy completed installation of Maine’s first community solar farm (CSF) at Sunnycroft Farm in Paris, ME. The CSF, a cooperative model for installing solar inspired by Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), facilitates construction of a large solar electric array at a remote side that is… Read more

crystal spring solar farm in progress

Crystal Spring Farm (Brunswick, ME)

Overview and System Location: The Crystal Spring Solar Farm is located on the property at 277 Pleasant Hill Road in Brunswick, ME. The solar array was installed just to the west of the farm complex adjacent to Woodside road. The solar array was installed on a ground mounted racking structure that runs along one of the existing… Read more

community solar farm in edgecomb, maine

Edgecomb Community Solar Farm

The Edgecomb CSF is the first in Maine to be built under a member-ownership model (the first CSF, in South Paris, was built under a panel lease model). The idea for the solar farm in Edgecomb grew out of meetings of the Midcoast Green Collaborative, a grass-roots organization that formed in 2004 in the wake… Read more