Alex Hirshberg

Service Support Coordinator

Alex is proud to be born and raised in New Hampshire and has an undeniable passion for soccer, tennis, swimming, hiking and biking. He also loves to travel!

Alex graduated from Bowdoin College in 2011 with a degree in Spanish and has spent the past decade traveling and working in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, Europe, and South America. He has a diverse professional background in education, supply chain operations, social work, and organic farming. Alex previously worked in supply chain for Preserve, a fellow Massachusetts B Corp, and says that much of his motivation to work for ReVision stemmed from this opportunity.

B-Corporations place great emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities and these values are of the utmost importance to Alex, both personally and professionally. After Preserve, he vowed to work exclusively for B Corps and since he has always been interested in solar energy, he was beyond excited to join the ReVision family, and feels he finally found his calling!

Furthering his commitment to sustainability, Alex currently has solar panels on the roof of his home and drives an all-electric vehicle. He plans to have ReVision install heat pumps and PV batteries in the near future!