ReVision Maine DonationAs part of our commitment to the local community, ReVision Energy is excited to announce our first formal “Maine Donation” Solar Grant. In short, one nonprofit in Maine will be awarded the installation of a 5.3 kilowatt solar array, which will produce roughly 6,000 kilowatt-hours/year for the next 40 years (approximate retail value of $18,500).

SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Thanks everyone for the incredible enthusiasm and interest in this new grant opportunity. We received 43 applications by EOD April 30, and our selection committee will be reviewing the applicants carefully and making an announcement about the awardee by the end of May.

About the “Maine Donation”

ReVision Energy, LLC, based in Portland and Liberty, ME, will donate a 5.3 kW grid-tied solar electric installation to one (1) Maine-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization this spring. The system, to be installed in June of 2016, will be awarded based on applications received between March 15 and April 30 and will be evaluated on five qualifiers:

Criteria of Selection

  1. Percentage of annual kilowatt hours that can be offset by the grid-tied solar electric array. The non-profit should disclose the last 12 months of kilowatt hour usage in their application; a 5.3 kW solar array in a sunny southern location should produce roughly 6,300 kilowatt hours of electricity annually
  2. Physical visibility of the project. The non-profit should demonstrate their physical location in the community with a specific emphasis on the number and variety of community members who will see the solar installation on a regular basis.
  3. Physical viability of the project. The non-profit should demonstrate that their site is ideal for solar, including photos and assessment of their site, roof age, approximate dimensions and material, compass bearing, roof pitch, nearby shading, and electrical infrastructure, as well as details regarding building ownership and history.
  4. The non-profit’s reach and community involvement. The non-profit should demonstrate its engagement in their greater community and how they will use the solar installation to encourage energy awareness and engagement.
  5. Community support. The non-profit will demonstrate the engagement and support of their community through social media, letters of support from community members and elected officials, and other outreach efforts.


  1. There is no entry fee to apply.
  2. Only federally registered 501(c)3 organizations with physical presence in the State of Maine will be considered.
  3. The applicant must own their building and/or have full authority to agree to installation of solar energy system at their property.
  4. ReVision Energy at its sole discretion will choose a nonprofit to receive the gift. Winners will be chosen by staff members at ReVision Energy and will evaluate projects based on the quality of their responses to the criteria outlined above.
  5. The only method of entry is via the online web form linked to from this webpage. A thank you page and notification email is your confirmation than an application was received. All applicants will receive notice when the gift recipient is chosen.
  6. Applications will be accepted between 12:00AM March 5, 2016 to 11:59PM April 30, 2016.
  7. Data submitted by applicants is subject to ReVision Energy’s standard privacy policy. It will not be sold or shared.
  8. Applicants agree that the winning system will be publicized by ReVision Energy in multiple channels (social media, TV/print media, etc). A more detailed co-promotional strategy will be outlined in the final offer letter to the gift recipient.

About the Prize

  • Exactly (1) 5.3kw solar electric system will be donated to the nonprofit selected by our group of judges. All materials, labor, and permitting/paperwork will be included with the installation.
  • The 5.3kw solar electric system will produce an estimated 6,300 kilowatt-hours/yr of electricity depending on specifics of the solar site.
  • Site must be grid-tied, and all production of the solar array will either be immediately used by the organization’s facility, or net-metered with the utility.