ReVision Energy has teamed with the City of Portland to work on an exciting project installing solar on the cap of the old city landfill behind Ocean Ave.  The installation of solar is a great second use for the closed landfill site and it will provide both power and CO2 reduction for the city of Portland over the course of the systems 40 year expected lifespan.

A Few Notes on Construction

  • Construction is expected to begin over the summer and will be concluded by late fall.  Once we move towards the construction phase signs will be installed both to warn the public of restricted construction areas and to educate about the various phases of construction and to describe the benefits of the system once it’s complete.
  • During Construction every effort will be made to not impact the public’s usage of the fenced in dog park.  ReVision Energy and its contractors will not be utilizing dog park parking and will be parking up near the cap of the landfill.  Routine access to the job site will occur via the old dump access Rd running off Ocean Ave. near the quarry.  There may be times when delivery vehicles need to drive through the dog park parking area and every effort will be made to avoid the busy times in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • The City of Portland and ReVision Energy ask for everyone’s patience while construction of the system is in progress.  We will not be closing the access trail from the dog park parking lot to the landfill perimeter trail although there may be some closures on the Southern side of the loop trail (the Northern side will not be impacted and the access to Ledgewood Drive and Ray Street will stay open).  We will close the Southern portion of the loop trail only when necessary for construction and will make every effort to keep it open during off days and weekends.  The safety of the public is very important to us during construction, but we recognise the recreation value of the trail system and will make every effort to maintain access when it can be done so safely.

As we get closer to breaking ground on this project, there will be more information available to make sure the public is well informed.