The Solar Powered Home with Battery Backup

It’s not a requirement, but an increasing number of homeowners are interested in battery storage as an add-on to their solar panel system. A grid-tied solar panel system, without batteries, will be deactivated in a power outage. A battery system works like a generator – except without any fossil fuel and without any noise! They will turn on automatically when the power goes out.

How much battery do you need?

A battery usually only supplies “Critical Loads” – well pump, refrigerator and/or freezer, some lights, and backup heat (that’s why it’s a good idea to have a low-electric backup unit like a pellet stove or wood stove in a mostly all-electric house – heat pumps will deplete a battery QUICKLY)

List of loads, Watts Used, Hours Used

Well Pump
Refrigerator, etc.

Come up with kWh Total at end and compare that to various Battery options.

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